Unchained Gladiator

Recently finished two 碧树西风’s article translation. being yourself and how is a loser

They hit me real hard.

“Most people can’t do what they want to do because it is difficult, especially when you don’t see any marginal progress, when you are not as confident.”

Even the genius blogger-trader spent 3+ years 10+ hours per day trading with basically 0 return. But then the transaction fee was significantly reduced, as he predicted. As a result he started having omega profit. Then he slowly pivoted out of his professional career. If this trend was a few years later his trading career would probably end prematurely.

This leads to the theme of the second article that: you can start/continue working on something, but how it unfolds is often not up to you.

So what does that mean for me?

I think all of a sudden WoW glad titles are not as important. I have wanted to get it from the bottom of my heart for years. But then the amount of free time I have is limited. Remembered my friend told me once you have children you would have so many many things to do.

There are also other things that I want to do. But unlike WoW, I won’t get slapped in the face immediately when I make a mistake; probably won’t see any numbers going up if I consistently do the “right” thing. Lots of times I won’t know what is a mistake or what is not till much much later.

Let’s get back to drinking coffee + matcha latte doing/reading “Data Science” rather than this.