Achieveing Duelist in WoW

This Wednesday I finally hit the duelist rating in WoW. I think it is largely because my teammates are way too strong but I did improve a lot over the course since I played with them.

Looking back, I have spent so much time and money and effort on this game over different expansions. But only recently I made some progress on my Arena journey.

Although I didn’t play consistently because of lack of commitments and presence of other commitments, I was super inefficient during the time I played. I didn’t spend the time finding pvp partners, and I was too afraid to enter the Arena.

But this time around I committed more resources and had more resolved to move further…

Within 10 hours of arena pvp, I finally hit 2100 mmr. I improved a lot from desperately bad to very bad. But I now have less fear, even a small excitement when I faced off old season gladiators.

The hard lesson is that lack of courage can cost me so much. Will see how many courage barriers I will break through in the future.