Day Day Up

This is a reflection of an article that I translated recently.

Everyone will have his/her midlife crisis. The best way to prepare for it is to find alternative things to do or alternative meaning in life years ago. So when one of your endeavor hits a plateau or a fall, the other one(s) could pick up.

The catch is to work on something that:

Similar to how lots of people want to create multiple income streams, I want to create multiple ways I can get dopamine in life. Learning things then working on side projects are fun. I wonder why part of me wanted to go through so much trouble “improving myself.” And also knowing that another part of me just wanted to chill and play video games during my “free” time. Those dopamine source is much more predictable…

There are some kind of dopamine you can only get from achieving something that you wouldn’t normally expect. Like me achieving WoW glad. I thought I would hardstuck at 2200 bc I was bad. Maybe I was overestimating how hard it was considering how bad of a player I am. But these kind of things I could only find out after throwing my body at my enemy.