Two Types of Experience

two types of “experience”

type1:经历, Experience that really changed one’s knowledge, skills, perspectives and understanding of life or things. type2:体验: Sugar water in different forms? Twitch, anime, tv shows, TFT (already had the type1 experience of pushing to master)

你似乎体验了很多很多,可是回头想想,好像没有什么,真的融入自己的一生。 人的一生,不一定需要很多体验。 你体验多了就会发现,很多都是重复的。那只是VR眼镜里的小游戏,换了一个皮肤而已。

Why is that important to know?
I want to cut out more type2 experience for type1 experience.
The problem is type1 experience need to keep on changing hats to sustain.
Sometimes one can feel like is a bit “empty” with too much type1 experience compared to type2 experience.

Past type1 experience:
. Making a wow bot and earn my gladiator title . Punching the wall so many times bc math hw problem sets are impossible to solve

Experience looking forward to: Failed DS projects, but I still learn few things along the way Getting all those rejections different people and places, maybe few will work out eventaully


(maybe more context needed) The advice is actually pretty simple:
Get a head start of the next emerging technology.