Money Yugioh

First yugioh card I bought was a 30 dollar ghost rare black rose dragon. It reminded me of a friend in middle school. With that card, I thought I could do anything.

Then I started playing the yugioh online, trying out different decks. But I wanted to play with real cards.

Here is the story of the young yugioh card trader:

1. Buying cheap cards from and trading with kids in Chinatown. I knew the price of lots and lots of cards while the kids don’t. For a while, I was spending lots of time in ebay and tcgplayer looking up cards and yugioh decks. 
2. Sniping cheap cards and decks from ebay and reselling them for a higher price. Decks that I remembered that I flipped:
Inzektor, chaos lightsworn, cyberdragon, Machina Karakuri...

Early on, I was super lucky to get a cheap six samurai deck, sold lots of side cards to get my money back then gave the core deck to my cousin in China. I recommended him to play this deck and he liked it a lot.

After lots of experimentation I eventually built Chain Beat. A deck that is:

1. Cheap. Not rely on an extra deck or any expensive cards I didn’t have or couldn’t afford. I bought 3 copies of a card in the deck which later turned into 30 dollars… sold 2 copies and got more cards. 

2. Strong enough and super annoying to play against. Still almost no chance against super-meta decks but a good chance against lots of decks given how cheap it is. I wanted to be super annoying because I hated meta decks that I can’t afford. 

It was funny that I hated those meta deck players so much; at the same time I was slowly getting more and more cards from favorable trades. “Perhaps that has been the story of life.”
Now I started working and can basically afford any deck I want, but I don’t have as much passion for the game any more.
I am very happy that I found a game that I liked and a deck that fit me at the time. I feel like I played well. I wish in a few years I could laugh at what I do now and say: “you played well.”